Virtual K-12 Space STEM Program 2024

MaxIQ Space is delivering their K-12 Space STEM program globally.

    The goal of this program is to promote Space STEM skills and open up career opportunities in the growing space sector, and this K-12 Space STEM program has been designed for Maine to equip and prepare youngsters for the opportunities that await them.

    Why should we participate?
    Since 2016, teachers and students alike have found the MaxIQ Space STEM programs exciting, educational and fun. Using the modular electronics kits, conducting experiments and research, these kits can be extended to handle high altitude balloon flights and rocket launches. This particular program has been designed for Maine, to support teachers and students, to ensure that the Maine space sector can grow to its full potential.
    For case studies and examples please see this page.

    What does this entail?
    Delivery includes virtual teacher and facilitator training, curriculum and challenges relating STEM, space and sustainability, modular electronics kits, workshops and support sessions.

    Modular electronics kits:
    Schools and groups get to keep with kits as they can be fully re-used. These kits are IoT enabled, connect to a data dashboard, and support topics such as data science, coding, big data, robotics and internet of things (the STEM and Advanced kits may be seen at the links).

    Support content:
    As Educators are pressed for time, MaxIQ Space will be providing support from trained facilitators and easy to use teacher support materials.

    • Topics to be covered are listed on this page
    • Challenges relating to the topics are outlined on this page

    (Examples can be found on this page, all content will be securely provided using Canvas LMS).

    Support sessions:
    The MaxIQ team opens a Zoom line each week to engage educators and facilitators, so that direct support can be ensured. 

    How to engage?
    To participate, please order your class kits at this link, and we will arrange a planning call with you.

      The Space Race Is On!

      MaxIQ Space and partner schools have an early mover advantage in the new space race for talent and skills. Following the announcement from the USA National Space Council of a new coalition of space companies that will focus on increasing the space industry’s capacity to meet the rising demand for the skilled technical workforce, MaxIQ Space and schools are hitting the ground running!


      Our Partners

      Changing the world isn't easy, and we couldn't do it alone. 

      A core value of MaxIQ is to be able to provide our educational resources to students around the globe, especially those who live in areas where there is a lack of educational infrastructure to support these young minds in achieving their full potential. MaxIQ wouldn't be able to fulfil our mission without support from...


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