Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We also have a “Getting Started” page on our website which offers a comprehensive guide to getting familiar and started with our kits!


Q: How do I connect my kit to Wi-Fi?
A: Using your phone, connect to the Wi-Fi SSID displayed on the OLED of your kit, and enter the displayed passkey. Fill out the popup with the appropriate details! This is also where you name your kit!
*Note: If using public Wi-Fi, you may not be able to connect your kit. In this case, you may need to use a cellular hotspot.

Q: We cannot reach some sites on our network, what should we whitelist?
A: Here is a whitelist for your firewall, allowing our kits to connect to the internet:

  • MQTT server (IaaS Google Cloud in South Carolina, US): mqtt.24mm2.com TCP/1883
  • Time servers (SaaS): pool.ntp.org UDP/123
  • Geolocation API (SaaS): ip-api.com TCP/80
  • DNS Request port 53

For the purpose of the students using iPads/laptops to access services used in our training these are the websites (all HTTP/HTTPS):

  • *.github.com
  • *.maxiq.space
  • *.themaxiq.com
  • *.domino4.com
  • *.24mm2.com
  • *.instructure.com

Q: How do I re-flash the original firmware on my SDG kit?
A: Follow the steps in this video!
Useful links: 


Q: My kit is no longer sending data to my dashboard?
A: Disconnect your kit from power - Wait 60 seconds - reconnect to power. Try moving the kit closer to the Wi-Fi source.
*If issues persist, you may need to clear Wi-Fi configuration and reconnect.
**To clear Wi-Fi config. Hold down the “robot” and “X” icons simultaneously.

Q: How can I get involved within the MaxIQ Space community?
A: Join our discord page!
Invite link: https://discord.gg/ae9BX3hYGT

Q: What is Discord, why are we using it, and how do I use it?
A: Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that's used by tens of millions of people ages 13+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends. A primary goal at MaxIQ Space is to create a community of like-minded students, and to facilitate an environment where everyone can share their ideas, interests, and skills! Discord is our main hub of communication with teams, so be sure to check the “announcements” channel often!

To ensure everyone moves at their own pace/ doesn't feel overwhelmed, we’ve implemented a ranking system based off of familiarity of MaxIQ Space technology and competence in electrical/computer engineering in general. Based on your role, you will only be able to access certain channels in the MaxIQ Space Discord.

Please make an active effort to keep discussions relevant to associated channels and their corresponding level of competence. With that being said, don’t be afraid to help out students in lower levels if you see an issue you have a solution to!

-Standard/ Default: Participants planning to only utilize MaxIQ Space-provided components and software! If you’re looking to go to “Advanced Level”, let us know in the “upgrade-me” channel!

-Advanced Level: Students/teams looking to prototype using 3rd party components, conduct high-level experiments, write their own code/scripts, etc. Technical support from the community, as well as the MaxIQ Space team, is not guaranteed for select upper-level endeavours. 

Q: Can I write my own code?
A: Yes! Follow the steps detailed in “Lab 0” for a basic introduction to writing code to your MaxIQ kit (utilizing the Arduino IDE). Community support is available, and may extend as you work towards the “Advanced Level”.
Lab 0: https://github.com/MaxIQSpace/Arduino
*Please see both the document outline steps you will take, as well as the example code!

Q: Can I utilize my own sensors (3rd party components)?
A: Yes! Using our prototype boards/extensions, you can integrate your own custom circuits into our vanilla boards! (Note: Software for 3rd party components will need to be written/compiled by you, as our team cannot support issues with 3rd party extensions!)

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