Suborbital Launch Challenge

MaxIQ Space is proud to partner with multiple launch providers in offering students the opportunity to participate in the Suborbital Launch Challenge!

Students! We challenge you to...

1) Develop a hypothesis!

- The world is full of mystery! How are different variables around you related?

2) Design an experiment!

- How will you test various environments to prove or disprove your hypothesis? 

3) Choose (or build!) your hardware!

- Take a look at the sensor options provided by MaxIQ! Do we provide the sensors you need to run your experiment? If not, build your own using our prototyping boards!

4) Test your hardware & collect data!

To test their hardware, we're asking students to conduct at least 3 experiments!

Terrestrial/ Ground Level Students will collect data in their local environment using their MaxIQ SDG (MK01) kits, and analyze their results. 
Preliminary Active Data Collection

Students will put their flight hardware to the test! Send your SDG + Flight Hardware kits to the skies using any method of your choosing! We recommend using model rockets or weather balloons! 

Suborbital Launch

The moment of truth has come! Did your hardware survive its trip to space? You have between 5 to 8 minutes in microgravity, what kind of data will you collect up there?

5) Analyze your data!

- Use your dashboards to visualize the data YOU collected!

- Does the data support or deny your hypothesis?

6) Create a 5-minute presentation detailing your experiment Steps 1 - 5 and its conclusion!

What's in it for you?

Presentations will be posted during World Space 2023 to be judged by the world, and the final top 3 will be awarded a chance to fly a payload aboard bluShift's first orbital launch of Red Dwarf.

Did you know - our Flight Kit Hardware has a camera port!

MaxIQ Space is willing to trade some of our upcoming merch for some out-of-this-world shots from space!


To learn more about the Suborbital Launch Challenge please see MaxIQ Challenge Kits and Workshops

To reserve your spot on an upcoming launch please see Suborbital Launch Participation and Kit.



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