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High Altitude Balloon Mission March 2024

High Altitude Balloon Mission March 2024

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In March 2024, MaxIQ Space will deliver a ride-share high altitude balloon mission.

Launching from the USA East Coast, this project is specific to the ride-share flight hardware kits identical to those to be used on Suborbital Challenges and future ISS projects.


  • Early March 2024 - all kits shipped to the MaxIQ team for integration into the 3U frame to be launched
  • Late March  - launch from the USA East Coast, all payloads recovered and shipped back to participants

Requirements and features:

  • MaxIQ ride-share flight hardware (if you don't have this already, please purchase it at the same time).
  • Power to be provided to the payloads, 3.3V as standard for all xChips using the POE interface.
  • Payloads need to comprise only the MaxIQ components supplied in the flight hardware kit. If you wish to fly your own hardware, this needs to be assembled using the prototype boards provided by MaxIQ.
  • Volume restrictions -  cross section 96mm x 96mm, height 18mm
  • All data to be saved on the SD card inserted in the connector on the MaxIQ extended flight core. No data downlink will be provided for this flight.
  • All payloads will be returned to participants for data retrieval and analysis
  • A GPS location for the flight will be available from the launch provider.

How to participate?

  • We have 8 payload spaces available and these will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The suborbital challenge participants have received a discount code to be used when "purchasing" participation.
  • When purchasing, please ensure that your shipping details are correct as we will need to ship your kit back to you. 
  • If you are new to the MaxIQ community, we'll ship you your kit and get you into our workshops and activities as soon as possible.
  • The manifest is updated with every payload and can be viewed here.

How to use

We have developed "Getting Started Guides" for all our kits, please find the appropriate guide at these links:

STEM Starter Kit (MK01/SDG)

TinyGS Kit (MK05)

Suborbital Flight Kit

Remote Sensing Kit

Frequently asked questions:

Visit the FAQ page for updated answers.

Shipping & Processing

Please allow 3-5 days for processing.

Shipping is available globally.

Price and shipping times are subject to individual orders.

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