Experiment Ideas

Check out some great experiment ideas utilizing the sensors mounted on MaxIQ Space X-Chips! 


STEM Kit MK01:

Plant Growth in Different Environments
Use the light intensity, temperature, humidity, and soil moisture sensors to monitor plant growth under varying conditions. Create controlled environments to study how factors such as light, temperature, and humidity affect growth rates and overall plant health.
UV Radiation Impact on Different Materials
Using the UV index sensor, investigate how different materials are affected by UV radiation. Expose various materials to sunlight and measure the changes in their properties, such as color or elasticity, over time.
Microclimate Exploration
Using the temperature and humidity sensors, explore and compare microclimates in various locations, such as urban areas, forests, or bodies of water, and analyze how these environments differ from one another.
Composting Experiment
Use the temperature, humidity, and soil moisture sensors to monitor the composting process. Investigate how different conditions, such as moisture levels and temperature, impact the speed and effectiveness of composting.


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