Poster Guidelines

From time to time, MaxIQ Space sponsors poster sessions at conferences and exhibitions. Here are some generic guidelines to assist with poster development.

General Requirements

Poster Dimensions:
The maximum width for the poster is 24 inches (60cm). The height should also be reasonable (e.g., 36 inches/09cm) to fit standard poster boards. Ensure that all text and graphics fit within these dimensions.
Vertical orientation is preferred unless the content specifically requires a horizontal layout.

Content Guidelines


Should be short and to the point, accurately describing the project or program.

Names and Affiliations:
List the names of students, educators, and schools participating in the project.
A brief summary of the project or program, maximum 100-150 words.
What are the aims of your Space program or project?
How were the objectives achieved? Describe the tools, technologies, or approaches used.
Share findings, achievements, or milestones reached.
Summarize what was learned and what it means for future projects or curriculum.
Mention any partnerships, funding sources, or assistance.
Contact Information:
How can viewers get in touch for more information? Consider using a QR code for this information.

Design Guidelines


Use large, readable fonts. Titles should be at least 36-48 pt; text should be at least 18-24 pt.
Use a clean, simple color scheme. Make sure there's sufficient contrast between text and background.
Use high-quality images, diagrams, and graphs. Make sure they are directly relevant to the content.
Use columns, boxes, or sections to organize content. Make sure the flow is logical and easy to follow.
If possible, include QR codes or other interactive elements that lead to videos, websites, or additional resources.
Cite all data, images, or content not originally produced for this project.

These guidelines should help create effective and informative posters for presentation. Good luck!

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