Pathway to Space

At MaxIQ Space, we understand the challenge many institutions face when aspiring to launch a CubeSat into orbit. This video explores our approach to making this ambitious goal achievable.

Our method is inspired by the character C3PO from Star Wars, symbolizing Communication, Payload, Power, Pointing, and Operations.

Steps to Space:

  1. Hands-on experiments:
    • Using our hands-on STEM kits, authenticated by, NASA, and the UN Development Program, we ensure every experiment aligns with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.
    • At this stage, we start developing and testing our payload.
  2. Remote Sensing:
    • We introduce remote sensing, creating distance between our payload and data reception.
    • This includes Rocket Internet of Things (IoT) challenges, understanding IoT and MQTT.
    • We build a Tiny GPS ground station to grasp satellite and ground station communication.
  3. Gaining Altitude:
    • We advance to our 3D Smart Rocket project, testing operations and code efficiency at high data rates.
    • Low altitude balloon missions help us test communications and power systems.
    • High altitude balloon projects, often conducted with NASA Goddard in New Mexico, test our design in low temperature and atmospheric conditions.
  4. Orbit:
    • The final step involves sending our projects into orbit through an ISS rideshare with NanoRacks.
    • In microgravity, we test the complete design. Once returned from the ISS, we are ready to begin designing our CubeSat.

Join us as we navigate the pathway to space, making CubeSat launches a reality.

Our Partners

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