Onboarding - Suborbital Launch Challenge

The onboarding session takes us through the phases of the program, the implementation plan, milestones and importantly, how to use our kits and support forum.

Virtual Workshop:
Wednesday May 7th, 2022 12h00(EST), 18h00(CAT), 09h00(PST). Please register in advance.

All participating groups will have received a STEM Starter kit and a flight hardware add-on kit.

  • STEM Starter kit support page, including the getting started guide, experiments and support content, and "factory reset" instructions
  • Suborbital flight hardware add on kit support is curated on GitHub. Understanding the operation of the ESP32 CPU in the starter kit is a prerequisite, as this knowledge is assumed on the GitHub site.

The session will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.  Subscribe to our channel to get automatic alerts.