2023 bluShift Mission Manifest

bluShift Mission Manifest

Mission date to be confirmed, scheduled for end April, 2023.


    • Either an engine test or low altitude launch with bluShift Aerospace (see the information session here)
    • Workshop prior to mission to ensure that all groups are ready with their payloads
    • Mission planned for end April, 2023 with recovery of payload
    • Return of kit to origin within two weeks of recovery, and follow-up workshop.

Deadlines and dates:

  • Zoom workshop to refresh our memories and onboard those recently signed up, Thursday April 6th, 2023, at 10am (EST)/ 16h00 (CAT)
  • Payload to arrive with Cody Harris, outside Boston MA, USA by April 18, 2023
  • Integrated payloads to bluShift by April 25, 2023
  • Launch end April, 2023

For more details please mail Cody at maxiq.space.

Payload Reservations:

Section 1:

01 - Intelsat Africa STEM Program 2022 Mission 2

02 - Massbay Community College

03 - Montgomery High School (NJ)

04 - AMSA Science Centre (South Africa)

05 - Mountain View Elementary School (GA) payload 1

06 -  AATI

Section 2:

07 - BHS Tech and Robotics Club

08 - Stockbridge Jr/Sr High School (Special Projects Lab)

09 - SABS (Jason Harris)

10 - Pennsylvania State University payload 1

11 - University of Guyana Space Advocates Society

12 - JFN-HUI Cameroon

13 - Nipmuc Regional School (MA)

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