J. Jack Kennedy Jr.

Innovator | Educator | Space Advocate

Summary: Passionate about space exploration and STEM education, with a lifelong commitment to advancing human presence beyond Earth. Skilled in organizational management, law, and policy, with extensive experience in both public and private sectors.

MaxIQ Space (Co-Founder)

  • Co-founded a STEM education venture to prepare the workforce for the burgeoning space industry.
  • Developed and implemented educational programs for students, educators, and industry professionals, including model rocket building, drone flying, and satellite technology workshops.
  • Spearheaded initiatives to bring Starlink broadband to underserved communities, enhancing access to education and healthcare.

United States Space Force Museum (Docent)

  • Educate visitors on the history and significance of space exploration through engaging museum tours and presentations.
  • Foster enthusiasm for STEM fields and space-related careers among students and visitors of all ages.

Political Career

  • Served in the Virginia state legislature, championing initiatives to promote STEM education and technological innovation.
  • Elected as county clerk of court, focused on modernizing court management through automation.

Education & Advocacy:

  • Advocate for space science and exploration, drawing connections between political science and the authorization and funding of space programs.
  • Promoted STEM education and workforce development through partnerships with government agencies, educational institutions, and private entities.
  • Counseled young people interested in entering the space industry, emphasizing the importance of STEM education and hands-on experience.


  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • STEM Education Curriculum Development
  • Public Speaking & Education Outreach
  • Policy Analysis & Advocacy
  • Space Law & Policy Expertise
  • Organizational Management
  • Community Engagement & Partnership Building


  • Advanced studies in business, domestic and international law, organizational management, judicial administration, and space law and policy.
  • Continuously engaged in applied learning and immersive experiences, including involvement with NASA Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Museum.

Personal Philosophy: Believes in the power of applied learning and immersive experiences to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators and leaders in space exploration and technology. Committed to breaking barriers and expanding access to STEM education for all.

Our Partners

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