XK90 - CubeSat XinaBox Kit

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With the XK90 CubeSat kit you can build a satellite. A REAL satellite that complies with the CubeSat format. In MaxIQ, we have secured multiple launch opportunities, therefore, you are able to fly on a rocket and launch into orbit.

The MaxIQ team runs regular workshops relating to this kit, dates and booking links are on this page.

Everything you need to get started with the XK90 is available from this webpage.  In addition, XinaBox have delivered a number of CTE workshops that explore the XK90 and related topics.  These workshops are available from this page as YouTube videos.

 With this kit you can interface to the CubeSat PC104 standard...

  • with all the convenience of xChips - no soldering, wiring, breadboarding or lab equipment needed
  • requiring no electronics or hardware knowledge
  • providing a much cheaper and more accessible way of building a CubeSat (our kit costs $499.95!)
  • with easy availability, allowing you to avoid long lead times

Kit contents:

Flight Station:

  • 2 x BS01 pairs (east and west) “Bridge SingleBoardComputer” with the CubeSat interfaces
  • 2 x MB01 “Mechanic Board/Backplane” for added mechanical stability if required
  • 1 x LoRa radio and antenna set, for the ITR region of the delivery address 
  • 1 x Core MCU with SD card interface. This core can be coded with Arduino, Python and MakeCode
  • 1 x Dual AA battery pack. Alternative XinaBox power solutions can be provided on request
  • 1 x Weather sensor for temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity
  • 1 x volatile organic gas sensor (including carbon dioxide equivalent)
  • 1 x 9 degree of freedom IMU, acceleration, magnetism and gyroscope an X, Y and Z. The data can be converted to present pitch, yaw, roll and g-force
  • 1 x Light sensor for visible light and UV index
  • 1 x GPS or GNSS navigation and location sensor
  • 20 standard XinaBox connectors

Ground station:

  • 1 x LoRa radio and antenna set, for the ITR region of the delivery address
  • 1 x MCU with wifi connection., giving access to full IoT capabilities 
  • 1 x USB power and programming interface
  • 1 x OLED display
  • 10 standard and programming XinaBox connectors

How it works:

We continuously develop Arduino coding examples for this kit and combination, so that you can get started fast. All the coding libraries are available in multiple languages, supporting you to develop your own code.

Everything you need to know about the XinaBox XK90 is available from this webpage. 

Launch Opportunities:

MaxIQ has secured multiple launch opportunities, all the way from rocket tests with bluShift Aerospace to projects on the International Space Station. Please look at this page for more detail.