XinaBox XK30 - STEM School Kit

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A kit of kits, this combination comes with virtual workshops, lesson plans, experiments and videos. 

Beginning with the STEM starter kit, Educators and Students are able to build on their kits, chip by chip, to expand the experiments available and to suit the projects they wish to undertake.

Each School kit comprises:

  • 10 XinaBox XK01 STEM Starter kits with all the support content as described here 
  • 2 remote sensing/ satellite kits which can collect data from the school surrounds, be launched on large helium balloons and drones as seen here 

The kit demonstrates practically the full extent of Internet of Things by collecting data using sensors, transferring the data by internet to the data dashboard for tracking and analysing.

XinaBox satellite kits are true engineering models used in engineering and research institutions.

Educational Institutions are given access to all support materials and invited to regular virtual workshops.

The satellite kits are perfect for launch on the bluShift Aerospace missions.