Space STEM Virtual Course using the XK01 STEM Starter Kit

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XinaBox and regional partners deliver a Space STEM course centred on Earth in context of our solar system.

Comprising ten workshops of an hour each, participants work with their XinaBox kit at home, while joining the larger group in virtual sessions.

Workshop topics are:

  1. Onboarding session
  2. Introduction to your kit
  3. Introduction to IoT
  4. IoT in practice
  5. Micro-climate interactions
  6. Discovery through data
  7. Our Earth in Context - Solar Eclipse
  8. Data analysis and interpretation
  9. Living in Habitats
  10. Designing a habitat
  11. Conclusion

The prerequisites for this course are the XinaBox XK01 STEM Starter kit and the facilities to be able to participate in either Zoom or Microsoft Teams virtual workshops.

More detail on the workshops can be found here.

If you haven’t been introduced by a XinaBox partner, or if you already have XinaBox XK01 kit, the please mail the facilitator Judi Sandrock ( so that she can enrol you in a course.