Using XinaBox Uploader

The XinaBox Uploader is an application assisting the user of loading software (or more correctly, firmware) to a XinaBox Core xChip. Currently the CW01 and the CW02 is supported.

The process is quite straight forward:

  • Download the XinaBox Uploader, see below for links.
  • Insert a CW01 or CW02 connected to a IP01 or IP02 into the USB port of your computer. Make sure if you have an old IP01 with switches or an IP02, that the switches are in the right position, see below. Important - do not connect any of the sensors, only the CW and the IP chips.
  • Start the XinaBox Uploader.
  • If this is the first time you use the XinaBox Uploader, the application will ask you for your email and immediately send you a token, which you enter into the next dialog. 
  • The serial port (also called COM port or UART port) where your CW0x is connected, will automatically be selected. If that doesn't happen or you have other conflicting devices installed, simply click on the drop-down and select the correct serial port.
  • Click on the the next drop down and select the firmware you want uploaded (or flashed) to your CW0x.
  • Click FLASH, the application will automatically download the selected firmware to your computer, upload (or flash ) it to your CW0x and the delete the file from your computer again.
  • If the firmware supports provisioning, the application will compose a dialog with questions to provision the specific software. Otherwise the application will just post a "Ready", and you can detect the CW0x and quit the application (in any order).

        Switch positions

        IP0x switch positions 


        • A/B switch in position A
        • DTE/DCE switch in position DCE

        IP01 new version  = no switches.

        IP01 old version:

        • A/B switch in position B
        • DTE/DCE switch in position DCE

        Download XinaBoxUploader

        Go to this link: Latest release of XinaBoxUploader on GitHub

        XinaBoxUploader on GitHub

        Click on the version for your operating system and download the file.

        The Windows version is just an executable file, there are no installer.

        The Mac version needs to be installed. If you have problems installing the app, then this link might help you:



        • Make sure you have connected the CW01 or CW02 to the IP01 (new or old) or the IP02, with a proper connector. Consider changing the connector to see if hasn't worn down.
        • Make sure the switches on the IP02 or old IP01 are correct, see above.
        • Also make sure you have closed other apps that would use the same serial port, such as the serial console in Arduino.
        • It can also happen that other USB devices temporarily locks for the serial port to be accessible, such as a USB WebCAM. Try unplug to see if that helps.
        • Rebooting your computer has also shown to fix the issue.
        • If the XinaBoxUploader screen shows, but no serial port shows, it could either be that your IP02 is in position B or that your computer can't see the IP0x. The latter is prevalent on older operating systems, so look for drivers here:
        • An easier way to get the drivers installed, is to install Arduino. You might need to update the drivers in Windows if you had other drivers installed: Update Windows 10 drivers.
        • You can also check on another computer, in a process to eliminate possible errors. In any case, you normally only need to flash your core once.
        • If you have an IP01 looking like the one on the right in the picture below, and your computer doesn't recognise the device, try install drivers from WHC.

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